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Authentication Policy

The Revury is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in quality compliance and brand authenticity and guarantees each product listed on our website is 100% authentic.

Our Process

Upon receipt, each item is examined in a multi-faceted, brand-specific authentication process. All items are inspected for the appropriate quality standards, stitching, embossing/ debossing, brand markings, serial tags, hologram stickers and/or date codes. Research is a crucial aspect of our authentication process and we continue to update our methodology and tests to stay current with changes in branding labels and anti-counterfeiting methods. No item is listed on our website unless it has passed our strict authentication process.

Our authentication process is unique to The Revury. It is independent of, and has not been endorsed by, the brands carried on our website. Brands and designers listed on our website are not affiliated with The Revury and are not responsible for any products purchased from our website.

Counterfeit Goods

The Revury has a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit goods. We fully cooperate with brands and state and federal agencies in identifying stolen or counterfeit goods including, without limitation, disclosing the contact information of consignors who submit counterfeit goods. If, for any reason, The Revury suspects that a product is not authentic we will contact the consignor for proof of purchase to verify the item’s authenticity. Goods identified by The Revury to be stolen or counterfeit will be handed over to the appropriate enforcement agencies for prosecution and will not be returned to the submitting consignor.

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