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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you authenticate products?

Authenticity is at the heart of what we do, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in quality compliance and brand authenticity. We guarantee the authenticity of each product listed on our website or your money back.

Our Process

Upon receipt, each item is examined in a multi-faceted, brand-specific authentication process. All items are inspected for the appropriate quality standards, stitching, embossing/ debossing, brand markings, serial tags, hologram stickers and/or date codes. Research is a crucial aspect of our authentication process and we continue to update our methodology and testing to stay current with changes in branding labels and anti-counterfeiting methods. No item is listed on our website unless it has passed our strict authentication process.

Our authentication process is unique to The Revury. It is independent of, and has not been endorsed by, the brands carried on our website. Brands and designers listed on our website are not affiliated with The Revury and are not responsible for any products purchased from our website.

Counterfeit Goods

The Revury has a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit goods. We fully cooperate with brands and state and federal agencies in identifying stolen or counterfeit goods including, without limitation, disclosing the contact information of consignors who submit counterfeit goods. If, for any reason, The Revury suspects that a product is not authentic we will contact the consignor for proof of purchase to verify the item’s authenticity. Goods identified by The Revury to be stolen or counterfeit will be handed over to the appropriate enforcement agencies for prosecution and will not be returned to the submitting consignor. Check out our Authentication Policy to learn more!

What are your condition standards?

We hand-inspect every item to ensure it conforms to our Conditions Standards, meaning the products are in good (moderate wear), very good (light wear), excellent (new without tags) or pristine (new with tags) condition.


Product show no visible signs of wear and tags are attached (except jewelry which does not require tags to be attached).


Items are in perfect condition, but tags are not attached.


Clothing items may show lightening to fabric, or small stains and snags. Shoes may have light scuffing to soles. Handbags may have slightly worn corners. Jewelry may have slight scratches at metal, but stones remain unflawed.


Clothing items may show more prominent wear such as fading of fabric, stains and snags. Shoes may have moderate scuffing at soles and visible creasing. Handbags may have worn corners, tarnished hardware and creasing to leather. Jewelry items may have moderate scratches or tarnishing at any component.

Many of our items come with original tags, boxes, dust bags and authenticity cards. When these are available, they will be mentioned in the item description.

What is your return policy?

Don’t love it? Purchases can be returned for a refund or store credit/gift card by submitting an online return request within 21 days after the order date and the product must be received by The Revury within 30 days after the order date. The security hang tag must remain affixed to the item to be eligible for returns. To make it extra-easy, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label which you can use, if you choose, for a fee of $11.95.

Items Not Eligible For Return

Items cannot be returned more than 21 days after the order date or if the security hang tag has been removed. Items marked “FINAL SALE” at the time of purchase are non-returnable.

All non-returnable items may be consigned back to The Revury provided the items are in substantially similar condition. Click here to learn how to consign with The Revury.

Check out our Return Policy to read more and learn how to submit a return request.

What are your shipping options?

For domestic shipments, we offer standard shipping at a flat rate of $11.95, which are packaged within 1-2 business days and may take 3-5 business days to arrive, based on your location. An additional $5 fee is applied to all shipments to Hawaii and Alaska. Orders placed Friday through Sunday will ship out Monday.

Faster delivery methods are available for an additional cost and separate rates apply to international shipments. View our Shipping Policy for full details.

Can I buy a gift card?

Absolutely! Click here to purchase a Gift Card in the amount of your choice. Gift Cards can be (i) printed out, (ii) delivered directly to recipients by email, or (iii) a physical gift card can be mailed to the recipient’s address provided.

Don’t see your question above? Email us at customerservice@therevury.com

How does The Revury price the products?

Our goal is to get you as much money for the product as possible. All pricing is conducted in-house by our team and based on several factors including: designer and product, condition, color, season, and supply.

Designer and Product: Certain designers and products, such as heritage brands or statement watches or purses, retain a higher resell value and are therefore priced accordingly.

Condition: Product prices are further adjusted for condition. We accept items good (moderate wear), very good (light wear), excellent (new without tags) or pristine (new with tags) condition— with pristine items carrying the highest resell value.

Color: Pieces in easy-to-wear classic colors or trendy, seasonal colors earn more.

Season: Discounts are applied for past seasons. The more recent the season, the higher resell value it holds, particularly for trendy pieces.

Supply: Certain collectables or limited-supply products retain a higher resell value and are priced accordingly.

What is The Revury’s commission structure?

Commission rates are based on net sales during a one-year commission window, with exceptions for item commission rates (which apply to all items that sell for less than $200). Once your net sales reach $1,501 you automatically get bumped up into the next commission bracket – the more you sell, the more you earn! Click here to see our commission rate brackets and learn more.

What are item commission rates?

An item commission rate of 50% applies to all items with a sale price of $146 - $199 and an item commission rate of 40% applies to all items with a sale price of $145 or less. These item commission rates apply regardless of what commission bracket your net sales currently qualifies you for.

What is a commission window?

A commission window is a one-year time frame used to measure net sales and associated commission rates. The commission window starts on the date of your first sale and ends a year later. The commission window automatically renews at the end of each one-year period.

Does my commission rate reset at the end of the commission window?

Yep. The commission rate resets based on the commission bracket achieved in the previous year. For example, say you reached a 60% commission bracket in your first year, then in your second year your commission rate will reset to 60%. If, during your second year you sell less than $1,501 then your commission rate in the third year will reset to 55% since that was the rate achieved in the previous year.

How do I submit my products to The Revury?

We make consigning easier than ever before by offering FREE mail-in or in-home pick-ups. Click here to get started!

How long does The Revury have to sell my product?

We have one year from the date the goods are received to sell the product. If the product does not sell at the end of one year, you can select to have the product returned to you or donated to charity.

What if I want my product back?

No problem! We’re more than happy to ship a product back to you. Requests for return of product made more than 90 days after we receive the goods will be returned to you within 30 days of the request at The Revury’s expense. Requests for return of product made 90 days or less from the date we receive the goods will be returned to you within 30 days, however, you will be charged for the cost of the return, which we may deduct from your pending commissions.

What designers does The Revury accept?

Our Designer Directory sets forth our list of currently accepted designers. Be sure to check the list before consigning as we are constantly updating it to add new, up-and-coming designers and editing it to reflect designers that are selling with the highest resale value for you. We only accept items by designers on the Designer Directory. If you see items for sale from a designer not currently on the Designer Directory, it is likely because we only accepted that designer in the past.

What are your condition standards for products I want to consign?

All items must adhere to our Conditions Standards, meaning the products are in good (moderate wear), very good (light wear), excellent (new without tags) or pristine (new with tags) condition.

Use the list below as a handy guide when checking the condition of your items. If your items have any of the flaws mentioned, then it is not appropriate for our site:

  • Clothing

    Non-professional alterations

    Larger than pin-size holes

    Missing or broken zippers or buttons

    Heavy pilling 

    Splitting seams

    Larger than dime-size stains

    Prominent tears
  • Shoes

    Excessive scuffing

    Prominent discoloration
    buckles or zippers
  • Leather Goods

    Broken buckles, buttons or zippers

    Excessive discoloration or fading

    Rips, tears or splitting seams

    Excessive scuffing or scratching
  • Fine Jewelry & Watches

    Loose or missing gemstones

    Severe metal scratching or denting

    Damage to watch functionality

    After-market diamonds on watches
What products do you NOT accept?

Sorry, no undies, bras or lingerie! We only accept swimwear that is new with tags.

Don’t see your question above? Email us at consign@therevury.com.

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