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There’s no denying that people everywhere are opening-up to the idea of consignment, whether they’re selling their own clothes or shopping for new pieces on the secondary market. When consignment meant wading through musty old t-shirts and flea markets and thrift stores, many people understandably weren’t interested because the process was time-intensive and the odds were long that you’d find a diamond-in-the-rough piece that you actually wanted.

The market has changed because companies like The Revury are making it easy for buyers to access the closets of people with amazing taste and, let’s face it, maybe too much to wear. And the consignors are finding it easier than ever to actually cash-in on their closets because The Revury does everything for its clients with in-home pickups, easy mail in options, effective advertising and marketing campaigns, a beautiful and intuitive website for browsing the collection, and a convenient My Sales page to keep track of your consigned merchandise.

The old difficult and unrewarding system has been replaced by the new, easy-to-use, and fun-to-shop replacement. Here’s 5 reasons to consign your closet:

1.  Sustainability

Consignment gives your stuff a second life with a new person who’s going to love every moment in something that feels brand new to them. By selling to someone new, you save that person from having to buy brand new merchandise off the primary market, reducing the impact of consumerism on the environment. Win-win.

2.  Easier than Ever

The Revury does all the work for you so you don’t have to waste a minute of your time cleaning your closet, posting pictures online, responding to a million emails from potential buyers who might flake on you, and negotiating prices and hoping you get paid without hassles.

Make an appointment at TheRevury.com for one of our experienced staff to come to your house and help you clean out your closet. If you don’t have time for that, use our online portal to request a free shipping label or even a free box to be delivered to you so you can fill it up at your convenience.

The Revury takes it from there and then ships you a check when your merchandise sells. It's that easy! You can even track all your sales on the My Sales page so you're completely in the loop during the entire process.

3.  Support Artisans and Craftsman

The people making luxury products at fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Isabel Marant are masters of their craft and becoming rarer in a modern world increasingly occupied by fast fashion and the like. A robust secondary market for these products supports the people who make them.

4.  Tidy Up

There’s no denying the benefits of the 'Tidying-Up' movement that Marie Kondo has fueled. Clean out your house and you’ll feel the benefits mentally and emotionally.

Everyone has some pieces that they use to love but no longer wear, whether it’s because you’ve changed your look, changed your size, grown bored of past favorites, or a million other reasons. Don’t let them take up space in your closet when you can sell them, whether to make room for new things you need or to get rid of old things you don’t.

5. Cash-In On Your Closet

Whether you plan to use the money to buy a new pair of shoes, take a weekend getaway, or just put it in the bank for savings, you can turn the stuff in your closet into money in your pocket.

Consigning your merchandise actually lends truth to the idea of an “investment piece.” Until recently, it’s been too difficult to profitably sell your stuff online because of all the hassle involved in getting to the sale. As a result, the closets of the world are chock full of amazing pieces without a place to go. Now that it’s easier than ever to use The Revury, there’s no excuse not to cash-in on your closet.

Make an appointment today and start earning!  


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