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Meet Our Partner! Arija Of modē ārija

Posted on by The Revury

“Closet anxiety” is a REAL thing. Overstuffed drawers, ignored garments, and cluttered space is overwhelming. Every day starts in your closet. Make it a sanctuary, not a stress.  

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Which is why we’ve partnered with Arija Inveiss, founder of modē ārija – a Southern California based stylist whose services include everything from closet editing and digital Lookbooks to personal, corporate, and event styling.

Arija provides clients with digital “Lookbooks” specifically curated to each client’s needs based on their closet edit. Each Lookbook includes 10-20 items, with clickable links taking you directly to the site – just click to purchase! – as well as her advice on how to style each piece.

stylist san diego

At modē ārija, the goal is to help you (re)discover your personal style & (re)gain confidence in your wardrobe (& yourself), while simultaneously (re)organizing, and decluttering your closet.

stylist san diego


Invest in your own success (and sanity!) by decluttering space and building a wardrobe that serves you! 

Arija minimizes clutter while maximizing looks.  She’ll reinvent your closet by modernizing pieces you already own, which:

  1. saves you money, AND

  2. gives you a fresh look!

    Plus, discarded items can be consigned with us at The Revury, ultimately making you money! Cash-in on your closet to reinvest in something you love like a new purse or Arija’s styling services at modē ārija, because trust me. . . she’s worth every penny! Your style can pay for itself!

    consign and shop designer fashion

    So what are you waiting for? Regain control of your closet with modē ārija. No more overstuffed drawers or anxiety-inducing closets. Everyday starts in our closets, make it start working for you.

    & visit us online at www.therevury.com to request a free prepaid shipping label & start earning today! Or book an appointment with modē ārija and she’ll submit your consigned items for you! Sooo easy. Let’s tackle your closet together.

    sell and consign designer fashion

    Arija is now booking styling and closet organization appointments. Remote services available. Email arijainveiss@gmail.com for available appointments and rates, which starts at $75 per hour. For more information visit her website at www.modearija.com or Instagram at @mode.arija.

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