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Posted on by The Revury

The devil wears Prada. And sells fakes. Don't get screwed in a deal with the devil. Here's four easy ways to spot fake Prada clothing! 

1. L O G O 

Starting with the logo -- check for these key features: (a) the right leg of the 'R' in Prada has a small notch just below the rounded part of the 'R' (if omitted, its fake!); (b) the right leg of the 'A''s in Prada are slightly thicker than the left leg and continue up past the top of the letter (any deviations indicate a fake). 

Prada Logo

2. B R A N D  T A G

All Prada apparel has a brand logo tag placed visibly in the interior opening of the garment. Flip the brand tag over: you should see an inverse copy of the brand tag in a contrasting darker color (example provided below). This is the result of warp-face twill weaving that Prada uses to create their brand tags. Most counterfeit products will omit this feature and opt for a white background on the reverse side of the tag - which means the front of the brand tag was printed on rather than woven (a much cheaper and less laborious process). In short, if the back of the brand tag is solid white then RUN FOR THE HILLS because it's fake.  

how to authenticate prada clothing

3. C A R E  L A B E L S 

Prada is unique in that it uses black labels for its care instructions, which are usually about three pages long. White care tags are a dead giveaway of a fake. 

how to authenticate prada clothing

4. S I Z E  T A G 

Above the care label you should see a smaller label noting the size. Prada expresses its sizes numerically (not Small, Medium, Large, etc.) and, as an Italian brand, it is expressed in Italian sizes (spanning sizes 36 to 52, generally). Size tags that express the size in Small, Medium, Large format or in US sizes (spanning sizes 0 to 8 or 10, generally) are FAKES. I've mentioned this before in past authentication posts, but its important to emphasize: counterfeiters purposefully target the U.S. market and therefore often present sizing in formats that are familiar to us (despite brand protocol) making it a dead giveaway of a fake. 

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