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Posted on by The Revury

“It is better to go barefoot than to wear cheap boots.”  — Karl Lagerfeld (I mean, like, it’s not recorded anywhere but I’m fairly certain he would have said this at some point, somewhere).

Cheap boots are an oxymoron in themselves.  They contradict everything a boot personifies, everything a boot should be.

Boots were meant to be iconic.  They should be chosen based on weight and feel.  Based on style and mood.  

A classic Aussie Blundstone — yep, we’re down for anything.  A quick hike through the Byron hinterland, then throw on a lace Spell dress and off to Rae’s for dinner.  But also, work.  Men and women alike pair these with tailored suits and sophisticated attire.  Everyone needs a pair of Blundstones.  Everyone.

A pair of knee-high white cowboy boots (recently reinvigorated by Isabel Marant’s SS19 collection) is similarly opportunistic.  Who knows what the day might hold?  Off to work in a plain jersey dress then out to the local for drinks with friends.  Or jazz it up with acid wash denim and the biggest hair.  Or stay in.  Log some serious couch time with a glass of red, the silkiest slip, and those boots.  Alone or with another — both equally good.  Sexy is about feels, not audience.

An outrageous pair of Mexicanas with all the embroidery and design — so beautiful it’s almost a crime to wear them outside.  Almost.  Match it with something simple or reach for the sky and pull out the boldest statement piece you own. Nope, going all out doesn’t make you a peacock, it makes you a bloody unicorn.

Lace up, pull on, or zipped.  Ankle, calf, knee, or thigh.  Classic, rustic, ornate, or bold.  Leather, suede, or vegan.  A person needs only one pair of boots — said no one.  Ever.

Boots are an investment not a purchase.  Thanks for the reminder, Karl. 

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