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How to Authenticate Céline Bags

Posted on by The Revury

Authenticate a Céline bag in 3 easy steps: (1) decipher date code, (2) verify accuracy of the brand logo, and (3) confirm heat stamping. 


Every authentic Céline bag has a numeric code. Often, it is referred to online interchangeably as a serial number or date code, despite the fact that these two things are fundamentally different. "Serial Numbers" are unique to the product itself. "Date Codes" identify when and where a product was made and, thus, can be repeated across multiple bags. These numbers are used differently when authenticating a product and, therefore, I always like to stress the importance of distinguishing the two. 

In regards to Céline bags, each bag will have a date code, which always follows the same format: X-XX-#### (one letter, two letters, four numbers). Since this is a date code, as opposed to a serial number, the same number can be repeated on multiple bags. 

celine date code

The date code reveals information about the bag, which can be used to cross-reference and verify the authenticity of the product in hand. The first three letters represent the factory code (identifying the location of the factory where the bag was made) and the last four digits represent the date of manufacture— whereby the first and third digit represent the week and the second and fourth number represent the year.

celine bag date code


After identifying what year the bag was made in Step 1 (above), determine what the correct logo should look like:

Bags made before September 2018:  use the old logo, which has a right pointing accent over the first "e".

Bags made after September 2018:  omit the accent.

celine bag logo


Regardless of the year made, all authentic Céline bags heat stamp the logo into the fabric. Beware painted-on duplicates of the logo—that's a telltale sign of a fake. 

Heat Stamp Logo

Check all 3 steps to verify the authenticity of your bag, watch our video here! Or, let us do the heavy-lifting and shop authentic Céline bags along with all your other favorite brands at The Revury!

At The Revury we inspect every piece to verify authenticity and work with U.S. customs to report fraudulent or counterfeit products to uphold our 100% authenticity guaranty. Happy shopping!

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