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I N S O L E S 

The interior of the loafers should be lined in a supple leather and feature the brand logo at the heel of the insole. The Gucci logo should always be clean and crisp, and should always include the language: made in Italy. 

how to authenticate gucci loafers - brand stamp

S T Y L E  N U M B E R 

Serial numbers and style numbers are different things. Serial Numbers are numbers assigned to (and unique to) a product. Style numbers, are assigned to (and unique to) a group of products that share the same style. Gucci loafers have a style number branded into the inner lining of the shoe, next to the size. Style numbers (for the same style) will vary by model and year made. Cross-reference the style number with an online search, you should be able to corroborate the product with images. 

Many blogs on this subjects state that the Style Number for Gucci loafers is an 8-digit number – but, the number of digits will vary based on the model and year, ranging from 6-digits to 8-digits. Often times, the Style Number is 7-digits with the 8th-digit identifying the size. 

gucci loafers style number


Checking materials is a good way to rule out a fake. Gucci loafers are popularly recognized with a leather bottom sole, however, some models have a textured rubber bottom sole for grip. Check the model style to see which bottom sole should apply. The uppers of Gucci loafers are available in a range of materials from unconventional like rubber, jacquard and exotic skins (like eel or alligator) to the more common lambskin.

gucci loafers on sale

Q U A L I T Y  

Lastly, familiarize yourself with quality construction and materials, particularly the hardware and leather. Experience will bring a deeper understanding on how to differentiate between the weight and shine of a high-quality product verse the synthetic texture and sheen of low-quality materials. Double-check the construction to ensure there is no glue or defects in stitching  both telltale signs of counterfeits. 

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