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How to authenticate Louis Vuitton bracelets: 

1. Verify the Date Code 

2. Check for a Serial Number (if any, not all have one)

3. Inspect for any irregularities, inconsistencies or signs of poor craftsmanship


All Louis Vuitton bracelets contain a Date Code used to authenticate the product. Louis Vuitton began using the Date Code back in the early 1980's, therefore, omission of the Date Code means the product was either: (a) made in 1980 or earlier, OR (b) is fake (which is more likely the case).

Date Codes are either heat stamped into the leather or etched into the hardware. Beware any painted on copycats – those are certainly counterfeit.

how to authenticate louis vuitton bracelet

does louis vuitton use a date code on its bracelets


The Louis Vuitton Date Code has changed several times over the years. At its inception, during the early 1980's, the Date Code comprised of only numbers. Now, the Date Code is a combination of letters and numbers, the former indicating what country the bag was made in and the latter indicating the week and year. View our link here to our past post on how unscramble the Louis Vuitton Date Code.

how to authenticate louis vuitton bracelets

Always be mindful to decipher the Date Code to ensure it makes sense based on the purported year and factory. Most counterfeiters do not cross-reference the formula to make sure the factory code matches the 'Made In ____' noted on the product, or will have numbers that are not feasible given the parameters of the formula. For example, there are only 52 weeks in a year, therefore, if you know the product was made in 2019, like the example above, then the first digit cannot be a 6 or higher because there is no such thing as a 60th week in the year! 


Not all Louis Vuitton bracelets have a serial number, but if they do it'll start with one letter (usually 'M'), followed by four or five digits. 

Here's the rule: A Louis Vuitton bracelet can have a Date Code and no Serial Number, BUT if there's a Serial Number and no Date Code, then the product is FAKE. 

difference between louis vuittons date code and serial numbers

Don't confuse the logic. I've seen counterfeits try to pass off Serial Numbers as Date Codes, so be sure to educate yourself on how to spot the difference between the two! 


All Louis Vuitton products are hand crafted at one of the brand's authorized factories. Therefore, any irregularities or inconsistencies in craftsmanship or quality is a telltale sign of a fake. There are a lot of good fakes out there, so watch out for things like dried glue or thin, weak or loose stitching.

Want more? Check out our post on how to authenticate Louis Vuitton monogram bags here!

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