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Betcha never seen anything like this before! Here's the tips, tricks and secrets of how to authenticate Prada sunglasses.

Inside Right Arm. Should include the Prada logo, a ‘Made in Italy’, and the ‘CE’ icon, which means the product conforms with European regulations. All Prada sunglasses are manufactured in Italy by Luxottica. Failure to include the 'CE' icon means the product wasn't manufactured by Prada's factory (Luxottica) and is surely a fake. Note: I've noticed that the notched indent on the 'R' in Prada is not as prominent in the logo when used on sunglasses as compared to when it is used on clothing brand tags and purses. 

how to authenticate prada sunglasses markings on arms 

Inside Left Arm. Should read the Prada model number which starts with either an 'S' or 'V', indicating whether it is part of the sunglass or vision eyewear collection, followed by 'PR', which stands for Prada, and brief 2-3 digit number/ letter sequence -- this is the model number. Followed by a series of numbers and letters that indicate the measurements of the nose bridge, lenses (not including the frame) and arms, as well as the frame color code and lens category and strength. See picture below for a visual breakdown. 

how to authenticate prada sunglasses markings on arms 

Be sure to compare the inscription measurements to the item in hand, if they differ the product is fake. Measurements are provided in millimeters. 

Right Lens.Upon careful inspection, you should find a small inscription etched into the top portion of the inner right lens. This is the product's serial number. The small etching is difficult to duplicate and omitted from counterfeits. 

how to authenticate prada sunglasses marks on lenses

Left Lens. Prada etches its logo to the upper corner of the outter left lens (which is faintly visible if looking through the inside of the lens). 

how to spot real prada sunglasses

Recent Trend. To stay ahead of counterfeiters, Prada updates or adds new authentication measures. Recently, I've noticed a trend on sunglasses with adjustable bridges whereby Prada includes its brand's logo on the inner nose pad (small plastic pieces secured under the bridge). Acetate frames or frames without adjustable bridges don't have the Prada logo on the inner portion that rests the nose. Just another bit to keep an eye out for on modern styles!

are my prada glasses real? 

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