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Posted on by The Revury

Everyone's favorite boho-chic lux-designer, Raquel Allegra, may not be an obvious target for counterfeits, but consistent popularity among her base provides a window of opportunity for counterfeiters – so here's the skinny on how to spot a fake Raquel Allegra. 

1.  B R A N D  T A G 

Raquel Allegra uses a distinctive rectangular, grey-colored brand tag that always includes both: (1) the brand name cursive logo, and (2) the size, which will always be expressed in Raquel Allegra's sizing chart ranging from size 0 (x-small) to size 3 (large). BEWARE brand tags with deviations in sizing, such as stating Small, Medium, Large or size 6, size 8, size 10 etc. These are familiar measurements to folks in the United States, but don't let familiarity fool you. Raquel Allegra doesn't use U.S. standard measurements on her brand tag.

how to authenticate raquel allegra

Occasionally, a secondary tag will be included on the inside garment near the Fabric Tag that will list the U.S. conversion from the brand sizing chart, but the Brand Tag will always state the size in Raquel Allegra's sizing of 0 to 3. Any deviation on the Brand Tag is a clear sign of a counterfeit.  

2.  F A B R I C  T A G 

Check the fabric tag – unlike most brands that use a utilitarian white fabric tag with small typeface font, Raquel Allegra's fabric tag matches the brand tag both in color, font and material. 

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All of Raquel Allegra's apparel is made in the United States, which will be disclaimed on the Fabric Tag, such as: "This pieces was thoughtfully hand made in Los Angeles". If you see any tags saying Made In China or another familiar foreign country, BEWARE, that's a telltale sign of a counterfeit Raquel Allegra. 

how to authenticate raquel allegra

Lastly, Raquel Allegra will occasionally include a note on the Fabric Tag such as: "Note: Please don't be afraid of holes from wear and tear, the inconsistencies are what make your piece special. We're all one of a kind!" Although not all Fabric Tags have this, it is an excellent example of the quality, craftsmanship and thoughtful design associated with the Raquel Allegra brand and evidences an authentic Raquel Allegra piece. 

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