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Always start with the quality of construction and materials. Irregularities, poor craftsmanship and low-grade materials are telltale signs of a fake. From there, check the following:

1.  B U C K L E S 

Roger Vivier construction applies buckles to the surface of the shoe from the underside using metal hardware pins. Buckles affixed using glue or other adhesive is FAKE. 

how to authenticate Roger Vivier shoes

2.  L O G O

The iconic Roger Vivier 'RV' cursive logo changed in 2003-2004 due to a change in ownership and creative design (see below for full history). Vintage styles (made prior to 2004) should have the old 'R.V.' cursive logo (with periods between the letters, a large curl closing the V, and no connection between the letters). Current styles (made 2004 to current) should have the new 'RV' cursive logo (which has no periods, no large curl closing the 'V', and the letters should connect between the 'R' and the 'V'). 

does Roger Vivier use periods in the the RV logo

3.  A C C U R A C Y

Check the year and model of the shoe to determine which of the two 'RV' cursive logos should apply. Once known, make sure the logo is accurate.  

Roger Vivier RV logo verse R.V. logo

4.  C O N S I S T E N C Y

Once the logo is vetted and accurate, make sure it is consistently applied throughout the shoe, including the buckle and the bottom sole of the shoe. If a shoes uses both the new and old 'RV' cursive logo on the same shoe – its FAKE!

how to authenticate Roger Vivier shoes


The iconic Roger Vivier cursive 'RV' logo has undergone little change since the self-titled brand's inception in 1963. Vintage styles showcase the cursive 'R.V.' logo with periods in between the letters, a large curl closing the V, and no connection between the letters. Whereas contemporary Roger Vivier cursive 'RV' logo has no period, no large curl on the 'V', and the letters connect between the 'R' and the 'V'. This change in design can be traced back to 2003, when Tod's chairman Diego Della Valle bought the then-family owned business and relaunched the brand in 2004, tapping Bruno Frisoni as creative director to reinvigorate the brand. Thereafter, the iconic Roger Vivier cursive 'RV' logo changed from the initial 'R.V.' cursive logo to the now-familiar 'RV' cursive logo. Documentation of this transition can be seen using web crawlers and old Roger Vivier advertisements.

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