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Are your Tom Ford sunglasses real? Follow these steps to spot real verse fake Tom Ford sunglasses!

1. L E N S. All Tom Ford sunglasses etch the brand name into the top corner of the lens.

tom ford sunglasses real verse fake

It should appear in the upper corner of the right lens, if looking at the glasses from the outside, or the upper corner of the left lens, if looking through the glasses from the inside). Caution, fakes often try to replicate this so double check the font and spacing to ensure it adheres to the brand logo formalities. 

2. T I P S  OF  A R M S. Metal plaques are inset at the outer tips of the arms with the Tom Ford brand name etched into the plaque. Beware printed stamps! That's a telltale sign of a fake. 

how to authenticate tom ford sunglasses

Tom Ford subtly imprints the product's serial number into the inner tip of the left arm. Omission of the serial number means it is fake. 

how to authenticate tom ford sunglasses

3. A R M S. Decipher the inscriptions on the inner arms and confirm it matches the product in hand.

If looking through the glasses from the inside, the inner left arm provides the Style, Model, Color and dimensions of the lens width, nose bridge, and arm length in millimeters. Google the style and model number to ensure it matches. 

what does writing on the inside of the arm on sunglasses mean

If looking through the glasses from the inside, the inner right arm provides the brand name, MADE IN ITALY, and the CE stamp, which means it was manufactured in accordance with EU regulations. 

tom ford how to read inside arm on sunglasses; what it means

4. F A C T O R Y.  All Tom Ford eyewear is produced in Italy by Marcolin S.p.A, a subsidiary of the Marcolin Group. Therefore, accompanying paperwork, such as the care instructions, should bear the Marcolin name. Significantly, counterfeit products tend to omit this information so it is an easy way to rule out fakes.

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