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Posted on by The Revury

What’s the difference between consignment and resell? Are we on board with buying used clothes? Not sure what you are buying into – let us dispel the mystery.

Both consignment and resell entail selling pre-owned items. The difference is how the owner is paid. In resell, the owner is paid upfront by the retailer. The retailer then marks-up the price of the product and re-sells it for a profit. In consignment, the owner is paid a percentage of the sale when the product is sold.

The Revury is a consignment retailer, meaning, we sell on your behalf and mail you a check with your portion of the proceeds when it sells. We offer our consignors competitive commission rates that increase with volume – so the more you sell, the higher commission rate you earn! Consignors can earn up to 70% back, visit our Consign With Us page to learn more about our competitive commission rate structure.

Our process is simple: submit your luxury items to us – we do the rest. (Seriously, its that’s easy). We inspect, authenticate, photograph, list and sell the product. Not sure what to consign? Schedule an in-home pick-up, we’re happy to help you clean out your closet – filtering what has the best resell value and what is better off donated. Not a people person? No problem. Use our free mail-in option to have a prepaid shipping label sent to you – simply fill a box with the items you want to consign and drop it in the mail, for free! If anything doesn’t work out we’ll return it to you, free of charge.

We find good homes for good product. Therefore, we only accept items from luxury designers that are in good condition – meaning no stains, snags or smells (ew!). Check out our Designer Directory here to peruse our list of accepted designers.

Still have questions? Email contact@therevury.com to get answers and stay in touch. We’re here. Let’s chat!

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