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Meet Our Partner! Jennifer at Closet Choreography

Posted on by The Revury

You’re not the same person you were five years ago – so why is your closet the same? New fads, changing roles within the home, moving to new locations all require adjustments to our life and our wardrobe. But, with life, family and work it can hard to keep your closet in sync with your life.

Which is why we’re so excited to partner with Closet Choreography! Founded by Jennifer Sattler, she uses 20 years of personal styling for Nordstrom to show you what to get and how to wear it.


She’s a true styling “Houdini” and closet curator working with brands from Chanel to Target to help you get inspired to #getdressed.

Plus, she also offers closet curation services – where she’ll clean-out and organize your closet. Helping you identify what’s best to keep, donate, or sell (to us!) and organizes everything in the process. Closet anxiety is a real thing. If you feel overwhelmed by your closet and find yourself wearing the same five outfits on repeat than Jennifer’s the girl for you! She’ll declutter the items you no longer wear and add versatility to your closet by showing you how to style those pieces you love but can’t figure out what to do with!  


Plus, you can consign your old treasures with us! Cash-in on your closet to reinvest in something you love like a new Chanel or Jennifer’s styling services at Closet Choreography, because, trust me. . . she’s worth every penny!


For more information about Jennifer’s styling and closet curation services visit her website atwww.closetchoreography.com or Instagram at @closetchoreography. Or, to inquire about her rates or remote services, email her directly atJen@jennifersattlerstylist.com.

Start your new year right – get out with the old & in with the new! Because, none of us are the same person we were years ago and it’s about time we bring our closets into 2021!


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