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Hmm, are those real Balenciaga sunglasses? Follow these steps to spot real verse fake Balenciaga sunglasses!


Decipher the inscriptions on the inner arms to confirm it matches the product in hand. If looking through the glasses from the inside, the inner right arm provides lens information, the brand name, MADE IN ITALY, and the CE stamp, which means it was manufactured in accordance with EU regulations. 

authentic balenciaga sunglasses

Balenciaga etches the product's serial number into the inner tip of the left arm. Omission of the serial number is a clear sign of a fake.

Directly above is a series of letter and numbers—these can be decoded to reveal product information. If looking through the glasses from the inside, the inner left arm provides the style number and dimensions of the lens width, nose bridge, and arm length in millimeters. Try Googling the style number to ensure the product matches what's in your hands. 

how to read inscriptions in Balenciaga sunglasses 


Double-check the hardware, particularly the hinges, to ensure the coloring is consistent throughout. Fakes often use a cheap silver-colored hinge that mismatches the remaining hardware both in color and finish. Below is an authentic pair of Balenciaga sunglasses— note how the hinges match the wiring hardware on the nose bridge. 

how to authenticate balenciaga sunglasses

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