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K. Jacques St. Tropez (referred to by shorthand, K. Jacques), a namesake brand founded in 1933 by Jacques Keklikian and his wife Elise—refugees who settled in the town of Saint Tropez in the south of France after fleeing Armenia. 

Born from of a sensibility for quality craftsmanship, the brand's popular sandals can be authenticated through a couple signature details. 


Beware any adhesive or glued seams. K. Jacques sandals are constructed with metal studs. On average, 60 nails are utilizes to construct a single pair of sandals. Check the bottom sole and strap connections, both should be affixed with metal studs as shown below. 

k. jacques leather sandals on sale


The soles of K. Jacques sandals are comprised of two layers of leather: (i) the insole, and (ii) the outsole. The insole of their flat sandals are stitched with linen thread that is specifically imported from Ireland and intentionally selected due to its robustness and durability. It is easily recognized by its light coloring and thick rope-like texture. Watch out for any thin or flimsy stitching on the insoles—a telltale sign of a fake. 

K. Jacques stitching


As the name suggests, K. Jacques sandals are made in company's workshops located in Saint Tropez, France. Assembly involves 46 different steps carried out by 28 craftsmen. As such, make sure the size is expressed in European sizing (i.e. 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 etc) as opposed to American sizing (i.e. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 etc). Also, check the bottom soles for the brand's signature "Made In" debossing, that states: "Créé et fabriqué à Saint Tropez" which translates to: "Created and manufactured in Saint Tropez". Some pairs will also bear the year of the company's formation directly below: "Depuis 1933" which translates to "Since 1933". 

k. jacques brand stamp

Watch out for sandals that only contain a "Made in France" debossing! Although, Saint Tropez is located in France, the brand uses its own stylized "Made In" mark, and its omission in lieu of generic "Made In France" stamp is inconsistent with the brand profile and a telltale sign of a fake. 

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