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This week The Revury is focused on sustainable fashion and why it’s important! First , Harpers Bazaar outlined some facts about the fashion industry’s carbon footprint that will allow you to impress friends and family at the dinner table! 

sustainability facts

Now, what is sustainable fashion? A quick explanation is that the sustainable companies not only produce quality goods, but also take into account their footprint on the environment and their employees. While it may sound like a, “what’s not to like?” scenario, you’d be surprised to hear that some of your favorite companies are not sustainable (Zara, H&M, Nasty Gal)! Cosmopolitan provided their readers with some words to keep in mind when browsing for your next outfit and we would love to share them with you: 

sustainable fashion facts




Fair trade







By researching what you are buying, you are making the world a safer and more reliable place for future generations. We will be the first to admit that it’s easy to look in your overflowing closet and think “I have nothing to wear!” Cosigning and reselling is a great start to making this industry better for the environment which is why we want to challenge all of you to give your closet a second life because global warming isn’t worth the trade-off of another new blouse. Lucky for you, The Revury is sustainable, happy shopping!

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