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Posted on by The Revury

The question persists: Do Gucci bags have serial numbers? Well, yes and no. Here's what you need to know.

gucci serial numbers on bags


All modern Gucci bags have a number debossed into a leather tab in the interior of the bag. This number is often referred to as a "serial number", however:

1. It is more accurate to label this number as a "style number" and "supplier number";

2. The first line of digits is a "style number" that should also appear on the bag's price tag (when purchased new) and is usually 6 digits long (but, occasionally, 5 or 7 digit style numbers are used);

3. The second line of digits is a "supplier number". Little information is provided as to the factories or locations corresponding to supplier numbers, however, it generally appears in groups of 4 or 6 digits;

4. "Style numbers" and "supplier numbers" are comprised of only numeric figures and never include any alphabetic letters; 

Gucci bag codes

5. This number does not operate like a "date code" and will not inform you of the year or date when the bag was made; and

6. The font used on Gucci's "style number" and "supplier number" has serifs similar to the Times New Roman font. Many fakes get this wrong, using a wide, blunt font similar to Helvetica or Arial.  

gucci real vs fake serial numbers

    Why do we care whether it's a "serial number" or "style number"? Because, technically, a "serial number" is an identification code unique to that exact product. Whereas, a "style number" is a code unique to a group of products that share the same characteristics. While both are helpful tools for authenticating, two or more products can share the same "style number" whereas no two products would share the same "serial number". 


    Many modern Gucci bags will also have a QR Code printed on a tag located next to the leather tag (that contains the style number and supplier code) in the interior of the bag.

    gucci QR code on bags

    Gucci's QR Codes are either encrypted or within a closed system, so you will not be able to scan and read it using an iphone or android app, it'll produce some kind of "Unknown Product" result similar to this: 

    gucci QR codes

    Although, unable to read it, it is still a security layer worth checking for!

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