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Ever wonder how jeans are made? Well, here's the skinny on denim!

Denim is a textile made from weaving sturdy threads of cotton that is spun into yarn (although some yarn used in denim incorporates an elastic component such as spandex or elastane, which gives it that extra flexibility).

The yarn is then dyed and and woven into a fabric using a weaving method called warp-face twill weaving. In simplest terms, wrap-face twill weaving is the process of passing one thread (generally, non-dyed white cotton yarn) under two or more opposing threads (generally, indigo-dyed cotton yarn), which is what produces the tiny diagonal ribbing familiar to jeans and explains why most blue jeans are darker on the outside and lighter on the inside — since the wrap-weaving results in more of the indigo-dyed threads appearing on top as shown below.

 CLOSED blue jeans     CLOSED blue jeans

Once the textile is made it is then cut and sewed into a product (such as jeans or a denim jacket). Some denim products then undergo post-production treatment, where additional dye treatments may be preformed to produce colored denim or specialty washes that we're familiar with today  like the AMO black twist skinny jeans, AMO button-up cropped jeans, MOTHER distressed flare jeans, and CLOSED distressed skinny jeans shown below. 

amo black jeansblue jeans by amo the weekender fray by mother jeans closed distressed jeans

Almost all denim brands place rivets (small metal hardware) for added support and durability at the seams of the front pockets. Fun fact: You won't find rivets on the back pockets because in the late 1800s, when denim first hit the scene, customers complained that the rivets on the back pockets scratched saddles and chairs so the rivets were removed from the back pockets all together and have stayed that way ever since!

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 rag and bone skinny jeans Mother jeans high rise cropped flare Hudson distressed skinny jeansVINCE high waisted cropped jeans


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