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Posted on by The Revury

Setting out, the goal of our research was to provide a universal way to authenticate ANY Chloé hang bag. But, as with life, that turned out to be more complicated than it seemed. Aside from quality and craftsmanship, Chloé doesn't subscribe to universal telltales across her products. Different styles of purses from the Chloé Faye, to the Chloé Drew and Chloé Pixie bags all have different attributes that make them unique. Therefore, as a disclaimer to this post, it is crucial to emphasize that the process of authenticating a Chloé bag should be done at a secondary level on a product-style-basis, and not only on the higher brand-basis level. 

NOW, that being said. Here are three easy ways to quickly spot a fake Chloé bag. 

First: The Exterior Logo

The presentation of the exterior logo can be a dead giveaway — use these Embossing Rules and Placement Rules for the exterior logo as an easy threshold to rule out fakes.

Embossing Rules. As a brand, Chloé uses embossing, not stamps. What's the difference? Stamps are painted on and embossing is physically imprinted into the material creating a shallow divot (note: some styles, such as the Chloe Small Aby Lock bagwill have the logo raised, rather than recessed). 

On occasion, some Chloé styles will add a stamp (i.e. color) to the embossing, which means a painted embossed logo can very much be a real Chloé. Conversely, it also means that a painted logo that is not embossed is fake. In sum, the rule is: NOT embossed, NOT real. 

Placement Rules. Unlike most brands, Chloé's branding is subtle, opting to showcase the product's thoughtful style over creating a walking advertisement. However, a real Chloé handbag will ALWAYS have the brand's word logo embossed somewhere on the exterior portion of the bag. This can be either on the fabric itself as seen on this Chloé Faye bag (left) and Chloé Marcie bag (center), or on the hardware as seen on this Chloé Annie bag (right). 

chloe faye bag   chloe marcie bag    chloe annie bag

Part of the reason for the disclaimer above is because we noticed counterfeit bags would adhere to the Embossing Rule, but wrongly apply the placement of word logo for the type of bag it was purporting to be. Take this fake Chloé Faye bag. Among its several inconsistencies, the exterior logo should be on the outside flap directly above the stitching (as seen on the left), but was omitted in the fake (shown on the right).    

          real chloe faye bag        fake chloe faye bag

Second: The Interior Logo

The interior logo follows all the same Embossing Rules discussed above. The only difference is that directly underneath the embossed logo it should say 'MADE IN ITALY' in all caps with spaces in between the words as shown in the authentic Chloé Aby bag below. Many counterfeiters aren't aware of this and will only use the brand logo. Therefore, if the 'MADE IN ITALY' embossing is omitted (or flawed) then it's a fake. RUN FOR THE HILLS. 

           chloe 'made it italy' logo 

Third: The Authenticity Tags

Check the interior pockets of the bag. There should be two tabs: (1) the hologram tab, and (2) the serial number tab. The hologram tab can be recognized by its shiny reflective appearance. Occasionally, the hologram tab will be found on the backside of the serial number tab. On the hologram tab, you should find (a) the brand name: Chloé; (b) the Lot number (which is usually around 6 digits), and either a barcode or SKU number. The serial number tab is generally made from a swatch of leather. On it will be the serial number, which is usually around 9 digits. Make sure the serial number is embossed (not painted!) onto the tab. If it's not embossed, it's fake. Likewise, if these tabs are missing or provide inconsistent information, it's fake.     

 . chloe hologram tab  chloe serial number tab

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