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Which Brand Are You Craving?

Posted on by The Revury

Happy Wednesday from The Revury! This week we are highlighting some of our highly stocked brands! What better way to do this than to get you all involved! Let’s chat personalities and see which brand you align with best! 

ulla johnson

Are you tired of wearing the same blouses to work every week?

Take a look through our Ulla Johnson collection to find some beautiful blouses at great prices!

Looking for a casual but chic beachy look?

Raquel Allegra is for you! These items can take you from the beach to the dinner table in one fail swoop!

 Loving everything patterned these days?

isabel marant

Joie can take any simple outfit and make it complex with unique patterns on every item! 

Holding onto winter?

Closed is for you! Casual jeans and sweaters is what you will find here!

Dressing age appropriate while keeping up with youthful trends? 

Isabel Marant has the perfect collection of cozy yet chic, great for any age! This designer holds the phrase “eternal youth” close to her heart and we couldn’t agree more. Casual dinner or fancy event, you can find it with Isabel Marant!


rag and bone

Enjoy keepings things simple?

Rag and Bone has the best back to basics attire! Find your ideal jeans and pair it with a basic tee for a cute and casual look! 



Make sure to take a look at our new items in these brands to find your perfect outfit, or two ;). Have a great week!

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